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Winter Safety Tips for You and Your Child

For most children, winter is a magical time of year where many outdoor activities are opened up for discovery and perusal. However, as a parent, you sometimes know that these activities can be dangerous. However, that doesn’t mean you should prevent your child from enjoying their winter wonderland. Instead, keep a few safety tips in mind to ensure they’re just having good, safe fun. For example:
  • Keep winter-related illnesses like hypothermia in mind. These can be extremely serious, and can be prevented in most cases by wrapping your child up properly and knowing how to limit the amount of time they spend outdoors.
  • Know when to say no. Even with bundling up properly, some temperatures are simply too chilly for younger children to play in. Temperatures above 30 degrees Fahrenheit should be perfect for young children.
  • Keep an eye out for fire damage. Winter is the biggest season for fire hazards to occur, so keep an eye around children. Prevent them from getting their hands on matches or getting too near the fireplace to avoid any lasting damage to your child or your home.
By keeping this in mind, you can make your child’s winter season a truly excellent experience they’ll remember for years to come, without all of the negative memories. To learn more about protecting yourself and your child during the upcoming chilly months, calling Pediatric Consultants at 865-687-2000.