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Three Common Signs Of Child Depression

Kids are notorious for outrageous and sometimes wildly fluctuating behavior. But if you have or know a child who acts depressed or despondent for long periods of time that child may be suffering from depression. Here are three common signs of child depression that parents and caregivers should look out for.

Symptoms of Depression

Children with depression may experience irritability, sadness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, social withdrawal or thoughts of suicide.

Sudden Change in Activities

Children who are suffering from depression often feel worthless and like everything they do lacks value. For that reason, kids with depression may suddenly change how or even if they participate in social activities and schoolwork.

Persistent and Pervasive Behavior

Depression is more than just feeling “down” for a day or two. Kids with depression will likely exhibit this troubling behavior persistently and in such a way that their mood interferes with their ability to complete schoolwork, socialize with friends or interact with their family.
If you believe your loved one may be suffering from depression, it is important to get them a mental health evaluation so that they can get back to being themselves again. To learn more about the signs of child depression, or to find help for a child you believe may be suffering from depression, call Pediatric Consultants at 865-687-2000.