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The Importance of Well-Baby Checks

During the first two years of your baby’s life, it is vital to come in for regular well-baby checks. These checks allow your pediatrician to help you ensure that your baby is healthy and developing normally so that any potential problems can be addressed early on. Here are some reasons to get your baby in for well-baby checkups.

Charting Growth

One goal of your well-baby check is to chart the growth of your child. Their height and weight will be taken and put on a chart to compare them with other children their age and gender. Although it is important to note their size compared to other children, what is most important is that they are growing at a normal rate.

Physical Exam

Another important aspect of every checkup is the physical examination. Your child will be checked for birthmarks, and the doctor will check everything from the shape of their head to the functioning of their eyes, their heart and every other organ you could imagine.  

Guidance for Parents

One of the most important aspects of the visit is that it allows the doctor to guide you on how to care for your baby and what milestones they should be hitting. Talk to your doctor to set up a regular schedule for well-baby checks, call Pediatric Consultants at 865-687-2000.