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The Importance of Infant Vaccinations

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When parents choose to let their children remain unvaccinated, they believe that they are doing the best thing for their child’s health. Many popular media voices have denounced vaccinations, citing unfounded and sometimes fraudulent data sources. The truth is that fully vaccinating your infant has never been so critical, both to their well-being as well as the well-being of those around you.

It May Save Your Child’s Life

Once common, fatal diseases such as polio were inevitable in a small portion of the population. Thanks to widespread vaccination campaigns, many of these diseases have been nearly eliminated.

It May Save Your Life

If your child goes without vaccines such as an annual flu shot, they become potential carriers for sometimes deadly diseases. Even if they do not get sick themselves, they are able to pass on bacterial and viral infections to vulnerable playmates, siblings or grandparents. There are currently between 10 and 20 infant deaths a year linked to exposure to whooping cough, a disease that is easily preventable through vaccination.

It’s Safe & Effective

Although the safety of vaccines has been demonstrated by countless scientific studies, researchers are constantly working on new ways to address parents’ concerns. For example, though the amount of lead contained in vaccines was so tiny that it was actually less than that found in breast milk, scientists have recently developed many completely lead-free alternatives.
The fact is that your child remains far more susceptible to dangerous diseases by remaining unvaccinated. Call Pediatric Consultants to learn more about the importance of infant vaccinations.