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Keep Your Child’s Cholesterol Level Healthy

Your child’s health is important. However, because children are such picky eaters, it is important to make sure they have a properly balanced diet and avoid health problems. One of the health problems to avoid is the presence of high cholesterol.

Cholesterol Facts

What many people don’t know about cholesterol is that it is a naturally occurring substance in the body. The positive function of cholesterol is that it carries cells through the body. However, added cholesterol often comes from foods, mostly animal proteins.

Causes of Excess Cholesterol

While excess cholesterol can be ingested through food, people should be aware that genetic factors can also determine cholesterol levels. Another cause of higher cholesterol can be sedentary activity. In other words, the less movement a body performs, the more cholesterol can build up.

How to Lower Cholesterol

One way to keep children’s cholesterol in check is to demonstrate model behavior. Choose healthier options such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats over highly processed foods. Another way is to increase water intake and reduce sugary beverages and snacks. Finally, get out there and move! Exercise is one of the best ways to combat the effects of high cholesterol.
Monitoring your child’s cholesterol level is critical to their lifelong health. It is also good for the entire family to be aware of their cholesterol levels and take preventive steps to keep it low. For more on cholesterol health, call Pediatric Consultants at 865-687-2000.