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How to Tell if Your Child may Have ADHD

ADHD is a concern among many parents. Despite its prevalence in pop culture, many people are still unfamiliar about the characteristics of this disease. Pay attention to your child’s behavior so that you know when to schedule a consultation with your physician.


If your child is unable to pay attention for long periods of time, then he or she might have ADHD. Bear in mind that inattentiveness may not necessarily be accompanied by hyperactivity. Your child might seem perfectly calm but has trouble remaining focused.

Underperformance in School

ADHD may not develop until later in your child’s academic career. If your child suddenly experiences a drop in grade-point average for no apparent reason, ADHD might be the culprit.

Getting in Trouble With Other Children

Does your child have difficulty playing with other kids and often gets in trouble for playing too aggressively? An inability to play well with others accompanied by random impulsiveness is common in kids with ADHD.
All of the symptoms mentioned above could indicate ADHD. However, they could also indicate something else entirely. The only way to be 100 percent sure is to get a diagnosis from a professional. Schedule an appointment if you have any concerns by calling Pediatric Consultants at 865-687-2000.